Remember this amazing photograph I took in the Botanical gardens - inside the green house where the lens fogged up?

Well it looks like it was the beginning of an emerging trend. I adore these amazing photographs from Kristina Dam Studio, where she has photographed greenery behind frosted paper, so the look is all steamed over. What do you think? Green and fog - what's not to LOVE. 
Happy Wednesday everyone:)

Get yours here:


  1. I love Kristina's new photo series! I was lucky to meet her at M&O in Paris and she's so very kind and enthusiastic in person (it makes someone's work even more beautiful, right?!). Also love your foggy picture at the greenhouse, Anya. Such a beautiful trend for Urban Jungle Bloggers ;)

  2. These are amazing, I love the mysterious mood they give too. Happy day doll xx

  3. Her work is simply stunning and I instantly want every single poster from her range!!!!

  4. It's such a beautiful effect!

  5. I love the photos. The fog gives the shots an ethereal look :)

  6. Beautiful...yours is my favourite ;)
    Hope all good with you, Anya. xx


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