DIY Christmas Candle decorations


For as long as I remember we have made our own Christmas & Advent candle decorations with my Grandmother. She has a lot of experience with flower arranging, and is absolutely brilliant. She has tried to teach us everything she knows - and might I say we have got the hang of it now. This year we did it again, my mother, sister, my grandmother and myself. We had a lovely day, chatting away, sipping coffee, as we got busy decorating. The results are fab, and we have enough candle decorations now to last us until Christmas eve. 
Really easy and very beautiful Advent candle decoration made by my sis
My granny getting busy covering the tray and the flower oasis with greenery
Tools of the trade, and playing with the different ornaments
Holly, fir, flowers, moss - you name it - we have it
  Almost ready
Finished result. We have candles with numbers 1-24 - and you burn it on the day - so the decoration finishes on the 24th where we celebrate Christmas Eve 

It's not as hard as it looks, as long as you keep to these simple rules:

  • Get yourself a nice tray or bowl for your base. Keep to a simple colour, as you can then go mad decorating.
  • For a really easy decoration, use a tray, 'fat' candles, ribbons and 'sprinkle' small pinecones everywhere
  • Get flower oasis rather than clay, as you can water it throughout the festive season, making the greens last longer
  • Buy (or pick) fir, holly, moss, pinecones, buy ribbon, ornaments, baubles etc 
  • If you need the candle is to stay put in the oasis, insert metal wire spikes into the base of the candle to keep it in place (you heat them up with a lighter and them press them in gently)
  • Always cover the oasis with moss, branches of fir (trim down to fit) branches, holly,  etc.
  • Ornaments looks best in clusters of 2 or 3 together 
  • You could finish off with a cute ribbon in a coherent colour.
  • Keep a close look at the colours you put together and make sure they complement one another
  • Attach wire to your ornaments, to keep them in place - wire is the best
Let me know how you get on - happy decorating!!


  1. So lovely! We will be making our Advent Wreath this Friday or Saturday, I can hardly wait!

  2. These are wonderful...I think I'll do something like this myself...gorgeous. Happy day to you doll :))) xx

  3. lovely. I used to do this with my mum too when I was very little :)

    1. Me too but they didn't look like these I might add ;-)))

  4. You're Blessed for having Grandmother, Dear Anya.
    She's very blessed for having you wanting to learn and perpetuate her creative inheritance.
    I'm throwing a Family Lunch on Sunday and was uncertain about the flower arrangement. When there are many people on the table suddenly someone is asking me to move or take them off... and that last picture of yours gave me a - brilliant if I may say so myself ahahah - idea.
    Thank you Anya and Anya's Grandma. Now I won't have to strangle the in-laws for raining in my parade ahahah

    Have Fun and Be Very Happy!

    1. Thanks Teresa - I feel blessed having her still - she is a wonderful lady :) Look forward to seeing what you come up with

  5. These are some really good ideas! Will have to try them with my candles.

    1. You should Kim it's not as hard as it looks :)

  6. this is such a gorgeous gift to keep this warmest and very important connection -you, your mum and grandma together! i think the women connectons in the family are important - as well as sons-fathers-grandfather, of course. i think there is a flow and exchange of feelings, emotions, knowledge and life experince (naturally) that goes both ways (i believe we have a lot to learn from kids, as well as they do from the grandparents)....thank you for this post, Anya!
    FAB ideas of the wreath-making! :)
    Have a lovely day,


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