Ferm Living Christmas 2014


Whether we like it or not Winter is coming, Christmas is near, and it's time to get cozy and busy preparing for the festivities. We have a tradition here in Denmark of Advent gift calendars - basically a gift each day for 24 days (we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve). I wrote about it here, and it was hard work getting 24 small gifts organised, and if I'm honest the gifts were quickly left in a corner - as they were 1$ gifts. So instead I have decided to give the girls a larger present on the Advent Sundays (we also celebrate the 4 Sunday leading up to Christmas - read more here) where I will give the girls a larger gift, that they can actually use. FERM living had me very excited when I spotted their new Christmas gift bags and wraps - not the usual red/green, but cool muted colours with a cool Scandinavian vibe. I will post the finished result later, but here are a few things to get you inspired. Do you give small advent gifts before Christmas where you are from, or is the present extravaganza on Christmas Day/Eve enough for you??

Ohh Hello Stationary lovers out there
Advent gift bags - 1-4 of them 
Stocking anyone???
This is what we would use for the 1-24 small gifts 


  1. I love all Ferm Living stuff so much! *_*

  2. Oh, so lovely! What a cosy post! Love your calender! We do have the same tradition here in Austria - so thank you so much for inspiring me!
    All my best and a happy happy time

  3. B&w plus gold, that's exactly what I believe will be the major trend this year. It's getting pretty monochromatic and I think they have done a great job at Ferm Living. It's interesting to read you have the exact same Christmas traditions as in Germany. Do you celebrate the 6th of December as well with Saint Nicolaus? xx

    1. Hi Gudy - no we don't celebrate Saint Nicolaus - but we celebrate Saint Lucia on the 13th with a candle light procession - very beautiful tradition :)) And yes ferm living always do really well xxx

  4. I love the simplicity of everything you post. This is very darling, all of it. Love,

    Shauna xo

  5. Those wrappings are beautiful Anya!


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