Slowly preparing


There is no doubt about it: The radio is playing Christmas songs, the ornate Christmas lights have been turned on, the halls are decked with boughs of Holly, we are eating gingerbread cookies already - Christmas is coming - whether we are ready for it or not.  I'll help you ease into the festivities with these slightly Christmassy Christmas branches with ornaments from Ikea. These are cute and a tiny reminder of what is coming next. Are you ready for it?, Are you loving it already? Or do you rush around last minute getting stuff done??


  1. Those are the sweetest, love decorations :))) Happy day to you doll xx

  2. Preciosas fotos , la navidad me encanta y esos adornos son maravillosos la estrella ideal,besitos.

  3. Wow! Already eating gingerbread cookies!!! I don't do things last minute because my family is too big, if I did I think I might die. Things are pretty planned out. I will start my shopping as soon as I get back from Utah. We are going there for Thanksgiving!! I love these pictures. I love your house. I want you to do a photo shoot of your house. I love the simplicity of your taste. Love,

    Shauna xoxox

  4. I always love to go to IKEA, after the holidays, to enjoy the Sale of their Christmas items.
    Why after you ask? Because when they show up I already have the theme chosen but nothing forbids me to start planning for the years to come.
    This year I'll visit before. Why? Because I'm buying those Owl Ornaments and gift to a friend who loves owls. One less gift to worry about.
    Enjoy the slow pace to the Big and Enchanting Day!

  5. I'm loving it already, Anya...I've always loved Christmas; it's such a special, magical time of the year....these decorations are fabulous!
    Happy Weekend xx

  6. Love the simplicity! Those owls are beautiful. I'm just now getting into the spirit. LOL


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