Simple & Green


Christmas doesn't have to be ornate and opulent. This year I took a different approach, and went for clean, minimalist using lots of greenery, white candles and wood, and I love the result.
This home is on the same page, and I really like their idea of Christmas. Festivities have started of nicely here, and the girls are soo easy to get up every morning, as they know they have a little treat coming in their Advent calendars. Happy Wednesday lovely people xox
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  1. So peaceful.
    One should go with what suits her life, her home even the want she wants to celebrate.
    I still don't know what I'm going after - can you believe it? I think I might start decorating next weekend - and I go for more "stuff" in my choices as you know but the one you posted is certainly lovely and enchanted.
    So glad your little fairies are having fun and celebrating The Season.

  2. I love it. This year the kids and I made homemade dried fruit ornaments and we are stringing popcorn and cranberries to put on the tree. I hope it looks great. I love simple. You're great Anya!! Love,

    Shauna xoxo

  3. I lovely a different look. It's quite serine... I have yet to put up our tree, only the advent calendar so far. x

  4. lovely. something I could possibly, maybe live with too :)

  5. As i grow older, I'm loving the simplicity of things. gorgeous ideas.

  6. Never had seen green ornaments and I really like the tone-in-tone idea, it looks fab with the tree background! Happy weekend, lovely! xx


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