I have got porcelain envy (or whatever you'd call it): Hammershøi from Kähler has the right combination of plain and simple, but also elegant and traditional. I love that the 'lines' on the plates almost fade out. This stuff will be on my shopping list, when I feel the urge of having a 'uniform porcelain collection'. What do you think? Have you got matching porcelain at home, or do you mix and match for an eclectic look. Or is it not really something you think about yet? Happy Monday everybody.


  1. So very pretty, love white crockery :)) Happy Monday sweets Xx

  2. I came for the chocolate ahahahah
    Just half kidding as I saw chocolate in the thumb and thought "YAY, Anya is my bestie for today. Chocolate on Monday morning!" ;)
    I need to have matching porcelain... yes, I'm boring that way. That eclectic look you mention - and which I love so much on pictures and other people's homes - make me uneasy. Even with family and friends.
    And a few years ago I did buy a similar set to Hammershøi from Kähler. It's from Vista Alegre - our most famous porcelain brand - and called Sagres. I love it. Like Kahler's it combines with whatever you pull off but somehow outstands on its own right.
    Enjoy Monday and all the days that follow. Be Happy,

  3. Very clean and attractive...I always think food looks so good on white as do the chocolates ;)
    Have a good week, Anya xx

  4. I love porcelain. What a beautiful set! If I get my kitchen remodeled, I will definitely get a nice set.

  5. I loooooove them. So pretty, clean and fresh. The design is great. Love,

    Shauna xo


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