Lovely homely home


This year is another year where less is more in design. We are going back to our roots, and we love to display natural elements in our homes. Green plants indoors are still hot - but now they've grown bigger than cacti and succulents. In our kitchens we love an old worn chopping board, as well as displaying seeds and other kitchen produce in clear jars. Makes the place look homely and cozy. I love most of the elements in this house, it has the right mix of old and new. Tomorrow is Friday already - time flies......

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  1. Hello lovely....this couch is marvellous...I would sink right into it and fall asleep or read books!! Wonderful moods in each room :) I hope you have a great day xx

  2. I like this trend! Less is more and of course: bigger house plants ;) Almost weekend, Anya! xx


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