Happy weekend


Another week has flown by without much going on here on the blog. I am feeling the need for Spring, as we are getting drenched here, and are in dire need of greenery and a few rays of sunshine. Living "up north" the weather has a massive impact on my mood to be honest, and I always struggle quite a bit. Therefore I found this stunning image absolutely inspiring, as I long for longer lighter days. Do you have the same obsession with the weather, or is it only me??

Happy weekend everyone - hope you have a bit of sunshine on your nose:)

Image by Maria Grossmann


  1. Happy Weekend Anya...yes, I'm looking forward to a little sunshine on my nose too ;) xx

  2. happy weekend to you too xo

  3. I hope you had a wonderful weekend my dear...I miss the sun, so happy when it comes back :) xx

  4. It was like Spring here the other day. Now its cold and rainy! :(


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