Livingroom love


I am having a bit of a living room obsession today. I actually love everything in this room, and I have just had to purchase the Paolo Roversi photograph on the wall. Do you like this type of room, or do you find it too cold and bland?? 

Happy humpday folks, hope you have a fab one.

Images via Boligmagasinet.


  1. beautiful indeed :)

  2. Beautiful but not for me. I see my son in it and loving though.
    Beatiful pieces and the art is awesome.
    I just need more "stuff" if you know what I mean.
    Happy Humpday and Ahoy for the rest of the week.
    Wishing you Sunshine,

  3. I need a lot more warmth and coziness. HaHaHa

  4. Too cold for me...but I do love the photography of Paolo Roversi...absolutely stunning shots!
    Happy Weekend, Anya. xx


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