The girls are now big enough to know what Valentines Day is, so they  asked if they could make a card for their Daddy - and of course they could. So we armed ourselves with a whole lot of red, glitter and sequins and off they went. Hours were spent, tunes were heard and a few pastries consumed. I think their Dad will be delighted tomorrow when he receives these beauties. 

 Happy Friday the 13th Folks.....


  1. How sweet...I'm sure he will love them...Happy Valentine's to you lovely Anya xx

  2. really? is it that time of the year again? I'm afraid not even your cute kids can make me feel anything but bored at the prospect of more hearts and roses, lol. sorry. happy weekend nevertheless xoxo

  3. They are too adorable.
    Dad doesn't have a chance against all these sweetness and love. Never again will he be loved in such fashion. And never will they love in such sure and easy way. SO THIS is The Moment. The most important in your lives. And I'm so happy you shared it with us. IKEA should keep an eye in these two creatives. As crafty and creative as their own but so much more beautiful ahah
    You're Blessed with Love around you. Surrender Anya ahahahahah
    Wishing you Love on Valentine's and always,

  4. Oh how absolutely adorable! While I slept this morning, my little one's made a little card for me. Just the sweetest! Happy V-Day to you! Mel xx

  5. Just so cute, I hope they enjoyed themselves :))) Happy Monday doll xx

  6. They are as artistic as you Anya! Those cards are to be treasured.


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