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Lots of people have asked me to photograph their children, and themselves, and I think it is time to get a decent website up and running so that it looks like I mean business. As a photographer it is important to stand out from the masses, and have a product that is different from the 1000 other brilliant photographers out there. 

I haven't made this my main business yet, probably out of fear of 'not being good enough', and perhaps screwing it all up on location. Truthfully it is scary photographing people, and especially special occasions (weddings anyone) because you have no turn back if the equipment (or you) fail. It is much easier working with a crew, or as a team, because what you might not notice, hopefully the other one will. I have left the Photographers studio where I worked, and now I need to take a giant leap of faith and just go all in.

Does any of you struggle with the 'creative' fear of not being able to do it well enough, and/or like me - avoid taking the leap, simply because.. Well just because. Have you taken that leap already, and how did it go? Any tips :)

These are a few of my images from yesterday. I saw the sunlight, and had to capture the girls. This is my style of photography; natural, relaxed, but still styled enough that it all makes sense.
Anya Jensen Photography

Anya Jensen Photography

Anya Jensen Photography

I have a few questions, so if you fancy answering these, I'd love to know more about your photography needs :)
  • What do you look for when you have your photos taken? (a specific background/feel to the picture, B&W, business photo, relaxed) 
  • Would you pay for someone to photograph you or your children?
  • What style of photo do you prefer? Natural light and settings, or studio based photography? 
  • Would you prefer to choose a location, or leave it to the photographer?
Happy Monday everyone, hope you don't mind me bombarding you with questions this sunny Monday :)


  1. Good luck to you! I take my own photos of the rascals as you know, but I think many appreciate the opportunity to have someone else doing that. :-)

  2. Gorgeous pictures, they are growing so fast!! I remember when I first started blogging and seeing their little faces and now they're so grown up. To answer your questions: I like outdoor backgrounds where possible, if I'm inside I like pretty rooms or colourful walls. I would pay someone to take pictures, even though I do it myself, but sometimes having them done is fun too if the photographer is creative and fun to work with. I love natural light, but if its not possible, fun colourful backgrounds can be used. For the last one, I think it can be both that chooses, a photographer should try and input some creative ideas too, because sometimes the client doesn't always know about certain locations or how the best picture can turn out with the right location. There ya go :) Happy Monday my sweet & I'm happy you like the new layout, thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it. Have a sunny day xx

  3. Good luck Anya! I totally get what you mean when you say 'it is scary photographing people'. It seems very easy, but I find it stressful. Many things can go wrong, and many people are uncomfortable in front of the camera. It is much easier to photograph objects or landscapes, at least for me it is.
    Your photos of the girls are beautiful. I love B&W for portraits.
    To your question 'What do you look for?", I would say that I want to look like myself, but the best version of myself. When someone is not photogenic, the right lighting will make a huge difference. So I'm looking for a flattering lighting, like the beautiful natural light in the girls photos.

  4. Take the leap Anya...you are so talented..it is a little daunting when you first begin as you say all the negative thoughts creep in, especially 'am I good enough?' When I started my company a few years ago, I was very scared and frightened of it not working out...I'm so glad I persevered I am having the best of times and I know you will too.
    I love the photographs of your girls they are fabulous and I love that you are a black and white fan too ;) I'm looking forward to hearing all about it...1, 2, 3....LEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  5. Anya, I was hoping you would do this! Your photography skills are SUPERB! Plus, you LOVE doing it. If I were you, I would have a consultation with each client. Just to get an idea of what they want. They can write down their thoughts in a comment section when they submit their request. Then you could talk to them on the phone. Don't overwhelm yourself! Allow only so many slots per month, so you can spend time with your family and do for yourself. ;) Good luck doll.

  6. How very exciting. When you took the job with the photographer a little voice in me said: WHY? Of course I don't know your circumstances but always thought why is Anya not setting up on her own?

    I'm delighted you're thinking about it. Here's my two pennies worth: There's no time like the present time. AND what have you got to loose? Think about it, there's so much more to gain. Also, if you don't want to do it alone, maybe team up with another photographer that has slightly different skills and support each other. You'll be brilliant, I know that and once you've done a few sessions you'll grow in confidence. JUST DO IT! We'll all support you.

    To answer your questions:
    1. B/W is always my preference for portraits and definitely relaxed.
    2. Of course I would pay.
    3. Definitely natural light and settings
    4. Oh, I'd leave everything to the photographer once we've had an in-depth discussion. That's why I'm hiring an expert.

    Look forward to you unveiling all!!! Lots of love and hugs xxx

  7. Oh, and of course your angels are gorgeous and so are these photos xx

  8. Anya, I love your photography, as you know. You're one of my favorites. I know you will do well if you venture on your own. As for the questions:

    I think right now everyone wants that look of sunshine, the sun setting etc. But, I think if the lighting is good it's good. Which means a foggy day can be the best lighting ever. I like all kinds of backgrounds. The possibilities are endless!!!

    I would pay to have someone photograph my kids and I have.

    I prefer natural light but I have some seen some great and creative "studio settings" that really stand out from the "old school" yuck of a studio setting.

    I like to have suggestions for the photographer and I like to take suggestions from the photographer, so a give and take on locations, etc.

    Love you Anya!! Good Luck with the most sincerity!! Love,

    Shauna xoxoxo

  9. Oh yayyy you are doing it Anya!!! To answer your questions:
    1 I'd look for a style and eye. Photographers that have a specific personal aesthetic appeal to me more than the ones that "can do everything". Stick to your own ideas.
    2 Of course I would pay! I'm hiring a professional after all ;)
    3 Natural light always, but some reflection screens can helps a lot to add some extra light. As long as it doesn't make the situation too "staged" and uncomfy for the people in the picture.
    4 Maybe I'd like to choose my own location, a place that means a lot to me, or maybe I'd leave it to the creativity of the photographer (if he/she is a good location scout) ;)
    Way to go Anya! And lovely pictures of your girls <3


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