Circus party dreams


Did you know my Granddad ran away with the circus when he was a young man. He told his Mum he was going to the shop and came back 2 years later - full of experience and life.

This is actually a true story - my Granddad was kinda special. I also got told he caught my Grandmother in a lasso - but I somehow doubt that story.

Anyways this photoshoot from Ikea Livet Hemma, reminded me of how fond I am of the circus and the mystery that always surrounds it. It is the bizarre, the quirky and the free. Maybe I should run away with the circus - I'm sure that would be a spectacle :-)

Do you have any funny childhood stories, smells, places, or foods that always bring you back? I have so many myself, and I am hoping I help create loads of fond memories for my girls to look back on when they grow up.

Happy Tuesday my friends.

Fotograf: Mikkel Vang
Stylist: Hans Blomqvist


  1. what a cool story! our gradfathers' generation was the best-so special and vibrant....

  2. your grandad was awesome Anya! that's so cool! I bet he had a lot of stories to tell. this editorial is gorgeous.

  3. This is beautiful and I think your Grandfather is awesome, what a great story and what adventure he must have seen, so cool :)) Happy day doll xx

  4. LOVE your grandfathers story!!!

    I'm reviewing a book soon that I think you will like. It's all about family memories. Hope you're well lovely xx


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