Holiday dreams


I was just looking through my old photographs from our holiday to the South of France last year, and stumbled across loads I hadn't even really noticed before. Taking tons of photos can be both advantageous and disadvantageous, - the good bit is that you can sit and reminisce, remember, and relive the beautiful places you have been. These images are the epitome of Southern France, and to tell you the truth, a very hyggeligt place to visit. As you all know, I always tell you that hygge is everywhere. I absolutely adore the colours here, burnt orange, yellows and pastel. I look forward to summer now...
As you all know - we are huge fans of a good flea market 
These images are from Grasse - the perfume city in Provence. We loved visiting, and I love the dusty colours in the images. Audrey had clearly matched her outfit to the scenery (unknowingly:)
 Even the laundry looks stylish in Grasse
Audrey matching her surroundings

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Your photos are GORGEOUS!!!!!! And Audrey is such a lovely little model:-)

    I have massive problems with photo storing myself. In fact my start up disk on the Mac is nearly full PURELY due to so many photos in iPhoto. Recently I've been saving them to an external hardrive, but ideally I should be throwing many away.
    I so get you...

    The South of France.... ahhhhhhhhhhh
    Happy weekend lovely. Can't bear that the weather is meant to change. We've had such glorious sunshine. xxx

  2. These are so cute, glad you found them :) Always wonderful to look back on a wonderful time had :) Happy weekend doll xx

  3. What gorgeous photos of your beautiful Audrey x

  4. I hope you find a system that works for you Anya! The photos you take are so beautiful and should be treasured.

  5. nice, and perfect timing. I just got to Aix yesterday. the south of France is beautiful, isn't it :) happy Monday xoxo


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