Styling up a storm..


So I have been practising my styling skills lately as I think that practise makes perfect. I really enjoyed  doing this little vignette, and buying props to complement the look I am going for.
What do you think?? Does it evoke a feeling of spring??
HAPPY WEDNESDAY people - we are loving spring here in Copenhagen.

Anya Jensen Photography & Styling


  1. it looks fabulous, Anya xoxo

  2. When you're brave to invest in your Art you'll create lovely vignettes to welcome people to your Space.
    Looks lovely and very different from one's used to see. The Spring hint is more subtle and makes it even more appealing.
    Love it!

  3. Very pretty Anya. Love the elements you used.

  4. This is beautiful my dear, love all the different pieces together :)) Am back now & catching up, I hope you're having a great week :)) xx

  5. Really love the things you arranged and the matching colors.
    Your blog is so inspiring !!


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