// Bank Holiday musings //


Today it is a Bank holiday in Denmark, and the sun is shining from the most beautiful blue sky. It is also the Mr.'s Birthday. We had a lovely breakfast together, and have already been for a morning walk by the beach - and now he has gone cycling, the girls are out playing, so I am sitting here in the terrace, reminiscing over how fast life seems to be passing by. It won't be long, then it is a whole year ago that the littlest started school. The big one turned 9, and I have lived back in Copenhagen for 10 years now. On Sunday my beloved Grandmother turns 85 and I can't wait to celebrate her, and the amazing life she has had. 
I think it is important to sometimes sit down, take a moment, and reflect on what has happened in the past. I need to make some changes soon, to many things, and I will keep you posted on what's going on.

Do you ever sit and think about things, or just take one day at the time?? We are also off tomorrow, so a proper little mini break. 


  1. Beautiful post, Anya...yes, I sit and think about things sometimes and they are moments that just appear, rather like your morning...I think it helps to put things into a little perspective...and time certainly flies, doesn't it?
    Have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Birthday to your Grandmother :) xx

    1. Thank you Catherine - look forward to celebrating her today xx

  2. This is wonderful my dear, I hope all the changes you seek to make happen - happen!! We need moments of just sitting and reflecting, it is what helps us move forward with a clear mind. I will definitely take some time to do this at the weekend when i can!! Have a wonderful time & a very Happy Birthday to your dear Grandmother, they are so special, I miss mine a lot :) Xxx

  3. Dejlligt at se helligene blir nydt på allersmukkeste vis - men ja du har ret det er helt skræmmende som tiden flyver afsted, men det er vel et godt tegn:-) Håber I får fejre din kære Bedst på allerbedste vis, ha en smuk weekend, kram Mette


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