So Summer is near, and enjoying a glass of cold white wine, a G&T or a cocktail/mocktail (non alcoholic cocktail), is perfect when the breeze is mild and the evenings long. The Barcart has had a huge revival, from a 70/80 phenomena, to an über cool living room accessory. You don't have to be a drinker to have a bar cart. No, you can store pretty much anything on it. It's all about the coolness of the design. I have found a few favourites here. Cheers  my friends, and have a fab weekend.

Da Sommeren nærmer sig med hastige skridt, og aftnerne bliver længere, og varmere, er der ikke noget bedre end et glas køligt hvidvin, en G&T eller måske en cocktail/ eller mocktail (cocktail uden alkohol). De gamle vintage Barvogne, er blevet utroligt populære igen, så det er da bare om at få fingrene i en sådan. Og man behøver ikke nødvendigvis at drikke for at få glæde af den. Det drejer sig nemlig mest om designet og hvor skøn den ser ud i et hjørne af din stue. Så SKÅÅL og rigtig god weekend.
 retro style drinks trolley MADAM STOLTZ

 cute and feminine bar cart via here

Bar cart and turntable via here

industrial looking bar cart via here


  1. I love these carts, especially the second to last one, the white one. It's so pretty!! If I had room, I would definitely have one of these. SO fun. I hope you have a marvellous weekend my dear, it's sunny here now, so happy :))) Enjoy xx

    1. I love these carts, not sure I have room for one here, but perhaps I should make room :)

  2. I have one put away. It is probably time to bring it back to the living room...
    Mine has moonlighted of everything but bar ahahahah even a mini-library. Then I put it away but this post demands to bring it back.
    Wishing you a lovely and a soothing, as your first sentence implies, weekend.

    1. Seriously you do.. Get it back out in the open and dress it with coolness Teresa :))

  3. I WANT THAT CART:-))))
    Hope you're well sweety and enjoying the summer xx

    1. Me too - w.a.n.t the cart. And I'm visiting London soon, coffee??


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