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My home has undergone a bit of transformation lately. I purchased a new sofa, which completely changed my lounge (more to come on that later) and my work space was in dire need of an update. So I had a look around, and found something right up my street. Up-cycled and pretty much free.

The Mr. had his work cut out getting this beauty home, but the results speak for themselves. I am utterly delighted with my new work space. The look I went for was (naturally) Scandinavian minimalist, mixed with a touch of industrial. 
DIY desk by Anya adores design
DIY desk by Anya adores design
This is what I used.


Wooden scaffolding board.  For the look I was after, it had to be worn (I found mine at an old salvage yard)

Trestle legs - mine are from IKEA but these from HAY are lovely too

Sandpaper to smoothen the edges (if needed - mine is raw)

That's pretty much it. All I did was to make the trestle legs, and get the Mr. to lift the scaffold board on top - done and dusted.....
DIY desk by Anya adores design
What do you think?? Your look or way to industrial? I absolutely love it, but I had to convince my family a little bit. The Mr. was ok with the idea, but I'm not sure he had the vision before he saw it. But it's defo a keeper - for now - until I have another crazy idea I guess :)
DIY desk by Anya adores design
My stuff - if you fancy some of it for yourself:

Bamboo Basket: Søstrene Grene, Chair: Louis Ghost Kartell, Vintage Bank boxes: from here, Frame  & Kubus: By Lassen, Photographic Art: Vee Speers via VisseVasse, Chanel Print: vintage, Vogue Print: NYC, Candles: NEOM & Diptique, Smoked glass hurricane: Søstrene Grene, Marble pencil holder: thrifted, Vintage Camera from my grandfather,

DIY desk by Anya adores design

Jeg er gået igang med den helt store opdatering af mit hjem, og det seneste projekt er et helt nyt skrivebord. Skrivebordet er næsten det nemmeste i verden at lave. Alt du har brug for er et gammelt stillads bræt, og nogle benbukke. That's it :) Super nemt og mega fedt. I LOVE it - hvad syntes du? Din stil eller alt for industrielt?

Så kom bare igang - sindsygt nemt. Du kan finde de gamle stillads brædder - eller Haki Traller som de også hedder i DBA eller på byggepladsen.

HELD og lykke og vis endelig jeres resultater på Instagram - I kan finde mig her :)


  1. Hello lovely!! This is really beautiful and I love that you found it and just re-used it, that's the best!! The space looks marvellous and very relaxing too :)) I hope you have a gorgeous week my dear!! xx

  2. Oh I love your home office. Happy and Dreamy Vibes all around.
    The desk is awesome and I wish I was that brave... I love these touches, I even spot what I could have to manage this look but then a lots of uncertainty hits - I'm too inconstant with my tastes and if I asked husband for something that is not really his thing I'd never listen the end of it so I hesitate. I'm so glad you chose this desk, and that amazing printing we'd talked about a while ago, so I can live vicariously through you ahahahah
    Wishing you a wonderful week. And it will be funny to read your facebook and blog posts and imagine you there.

  3. Such a great idea, love the weathered look of the wood so much !

  4. lovely. unfortunately, this wouldn't work for me. my desk is always a mess... xoxo

  5. I love your work space :) So tidy yet so full of character. The wooden table and the chair are gorgeous :)

  6. Oh Anya! I LOVE that desk! It is incredible. I love the naturalness of it and your workspace is exquisite. Perfect!

  7. Anya it looks fab you clever thing! So original with your very own flare. Mel x


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