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Hello everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend. We are freezing around here to tell you the truth, but we cross our fingers and hope the weather forecast changes to sunny at the end of this week.

I stumbled across this stunning photography series featuring the must lush emerald green, and I just had to share it with you. I love the wicker bench, and all the green plants everywhere, just makes the whole series cry summer, almost like we are. Is the weather as cold where you are, or am I the only one obsessing about it? I always had a bit of a thing with the weather, probably living 'Up North' makes you crave for sunshine, when it's the warmer seasons.

Styled by Susanna Vento and photographed by Kristiina Kurronen via Sk√łna hem

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  1. Hello lovely!! I hear ya, please more sunshine!! The rain is so cold here!! This green is marvellous, I had a bedroom in this colour once, it was so nice!! Gorgeous colour...I hope you have a fantastic start to the week :) xx


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