After a sunshiny and relaxing Saturday, basking in the sunshine and eating homemade ice lollies , I remember always wanting a hanging wicker chair, which would have ben the perfect place to relax with a magazine. So as you might expect, I went looking for one, so you could get inspired too. These might not be as comfortable as a hammock, but they won't flip and make you fall either. These are so incredibly cool, and the new must have for your garden.

Da vi jo endelig har fået en lille forsmag på hvad sommeren (forhåbentlig) kommer til at byde på, med solskinsvejr, og blå himmel, kom jeg til at tænke på at jeg altid har elsket de fine 'hanging chairs', som jeg syntes kunne være det perfekte sted at slappe af her i sommervarmen. I en hængestol er også mindre chance for at rulle rundt og vælte ud i forhold til en hængekøje. Disse stole er super lækre, og det helt rigtige til en sommer fuld af afslapning.


  1. I'd really really love a hanging chair, I think they're wonderful :))) All of these are favourites too :) Happy Monday doll, I hope your week is great x

  2. I would absolutely love one of these for my garden! So cool


  3. I'd love one too, Anya...your Saturday was simply perfect :)
    Enjoy the rest of the week..have you purchased your hanging chair, yet? xx

  4. My grandmother had a hanging chair in the middle of her reception room in her old house. Why in the middle of the room was baffling to me, but I enjoyed sitting there as a child. I do have fears of it crashing down when I sit on one now that I'm older (and heavier). But, if I have the space for it, I'd love one in the corner of my garden. My favourite is the first photo. And I love the shot :)

  5. nice. I might need to get one for our balcony...

  6. I love this piece. In any material. I just want one... in my home. I want to go inside the "nest" and read or just swing gently.
    I saw a piece at HOUZZ yesterday about this and now you - it's an international conspiracy to drive me crazy ahahahahahah
    Take Care and Have a Wonderful Day,


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