The girls are starting school again this week, and even though we have enjoyed this holiday as much as we enjoy all our holidays, I know that they're looking forward to seeing their friends again, and getting back into their routines, and to be honest so am I.  The girls have gone slightly stir crazy now, even though we are always out exploring as we always do. Do you ever get that feeling too after a long summer break, or is it perhaps me who is going slightly stir crazy :)

Anyways getting back to what I meant to tell you:
 - I stumbled across some cool 'Back to school' kit in Søstrene Grene. This shop is very very reasonably priced, and they have really upped the ante lately when it comes to theirs designs. I can almost guarantee you won't be leaving empty handed if you go there to stock up on stationary.

PS: Did I mention how proud I am to be nominated for an AMARA INTERIOR BLOG AWARD in the category of 'BEST EUROPEAN BLOG'.

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THANKS a million - it would mean the world to me :)


  1. These are so great!! My girls go back next week and I am relieved. A bit stir crazy here as well,so getting back to routine will be great!! xx

    1. I know right - love them, but routines are good for a reason :))


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