So I decided to have a break from the blog (and most other social media channels) to spend some time with my family and relax. It has been bliss to say the least, and actually being present all day without staring on a screen (we all do it right) was lovely.

We spent the weekend in the Summerhouse, and we had soo much fun. The weather was '4 seasons in one day', but it didn't matter, as we just dressed accordingly.

Hope you had a wonderful summer, we still have another week and a half of before the girls start school, and the weather is finally summery. YAY...

We discovered the longest jetty ever, and had to explore....

 It was wet, wild and fantastic on the other side

 The sky was moody but we weren't 

We loved crab fishing

 New friends - some sweeter than others....

 Back home where they belong....


  1. Sounds wonderful Anya...enjoy the rest of the holidays...I know what you mean it's good to take a break now and then...have fun! xx

  2. Am glad you had a wonderful time away doll, it is always needed!! Gorgeous photos :)) xx

  3. I LOVE your photographs. So beautiful and expressive.
    We've had the most awful August. It's raining cats and dogs. Send some sunshine our way xxx


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