I was lucky enough to get invited to view the fabulous collection of Swedish photographer Dan Isaac Wallin, and his dreamy Universe.

Wallin likes to photograph with old polaroid cameras, and he spends a lot of time buying old polaroid films (often very expensive) and then use these to get the special mysterious dreamy feeling he is well known for.

As these old polaroid films have expired, he is never quite sure how they'll react, so the first shot is usually a test shot to see how the film behaves. Each film has around 10 images, and the images are not always sharp, which gives his images the dreamy, moody effect that I love.  Usually the films take a couple of minutes to develop, but Wallin likes to 'treat and mistreat' the films, and he sometimes leave them for a while to get a special effect he desires.

Dan Isaac Wallin has collaborated with Danish poster company ViSSEVASSE, and they have printed a collection of his images. If you fancy some of his work on your wall, you can purchase yours here. Trust me you will be spoilt for choice.

Amundön III 

From left:Fairyland, Birches, Courser, Haväng, Passage 


From Left: Roses, Presence, Tjurpannan 

From left: Haväng, Tjurpannan 


This post is made in collaboration with ViSSEVASSE


  1. Beautiful, just how I love it :-)

  2. Yiikes, so much loveliness.
    Lucky you... your words, his work and magical settings brought to my mind a quote from "Peter Pan": "You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming?" (Tinkerbell)
    THIS Dan Isaac Wallin is THAT place <3.
    Love it,

  3. I love the elegant look and feel of it all.

  4. beautiful indeed xo

  5. How fabulous...exquisite...I love the long roses, beautiful and sad at the same time.
    Happy Weekend! xx

  6. This is just amazing.. I love it all!


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