Going to the dark side


I love the 4 seasons (maybe apart from winter as it seems to go on forever in this place) but there is nothing better that the change and the beauty the new season brings.

We have had a few amazing Indian summer days this September, but most of the days they have been wet, grey and cold. That immediately makes me think of evenings inside with woolly socks and a hot drink, chilled on the sofa with a good book or film.

The interiors have also gone to the dark side, and I really like it. Ikea has a new collection out, and as with most (cooler) designed things from Ikea I'm all in. Have a look and see what you think:

I also just wanted to thank you all so much for the great start you helped me give my new exciting project THE HYGGE JOURNAL. That blog is going to be a reflection of what we get up to, the things we do to have a hyggelig time, as well as many of my recipes, DIY's and hyggelige places to visit. I hope you'll follow along and see what we get up to there. Anya adores will continue as usual for now, I'll see what happens in the future - might become a photography led blog some day :)

Take care everyone and have a fab day...


  1. These are beautiful scenes, so gorgeous :)) Happy day doll xx

  2. I enjoy adjusting to the seasons also Anya! Very beautiful indeed.

  3. I must admit I love the moody and dark look of this styling. This weekend I had a home photo shoot and I realized that my atmosphere got a bit moodier at home too with my dark walls and the now somewhat gloomier weather. Set for the winter season:-) Happy week, Anya!


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