Dressing tweens


I sometimes wish that the girls would not grow up soo fast, but I guess that our society today expose children to fashion and beauty at a very early age, and they get older a lot faster than I did as a kid.

Luckily mine still enjoy playing with dolls, play-doh and lego, but they are getting older, and the clothes they choose now, are edgier and cooler than before. One of their favourite brands (and mine) is Christina Rohde. Gone are the floral 2 piece sets and knitted cardigans and in are Scandinavian graphics, and darker hues. Their 2015 collection has my their name all over it, and I'm pleased to say that most of these are on the wish-list for this Winter. Only problem I have with this is that they don't do adult sizes :))

Get your Christina Rohde here 


  1. I wish I had such a cool selection growing up!


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