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I have always had lots of pens, paper clips, folders, notebooks and paper everywhere. I am a bit of a stationary geek to tell you the truth, so the latest wave of cool stationery and poster shops is very good for someone like me.
One of the companies I am especially fond of is I LOVE MY TYPE. They specialize in cool posters for your wall, as well as cute notebooks, postcards, and one of my favourites - mini message cards for a friend or yourself.

I used some of the mini message cards, and postcards for the presents I wrapped this weekend. We have many Birthday celebrations this month, and these cards are great for occasions like that, as a small token of love, or just a letter for a friend.

I LOVE MY TYPE was started by art director Kathrine Højriis who, by opening this web shop, achieved her dream of combining her passion for typographic design with her enthusiasm for interior decorating and personal development.


  1. Need to check the link... have to go... I love stationary too and I fret so much with postcards that I say my friends that the postcard is, in fact, the most important gift ahahah
    Beautiful stationary like this make it easier to return to this lovely tradition of cards and letters full of meaning and love.
    Thank you for sharing,

  2. Really lovely indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Both the paper and cards are so pretty Anya! Gorgeous :D

  4. beautiful typography!

  5. These are stunning Anya...love them too :)) x


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