Dreaming of Spring


Today it started to snow, which is a change from the grey and dark skies of the last few weeks. The winter in Denmark are usually cold, dark and fairly grim, so when it is this cold outside, I always long for Spring and warmer days. Today I stumbled across the Spring lookbook from Broste Copenhagen, and the images are whimsical, beautiful and exactly the tonic I need amongst all the grey.

Have a look at the stunning pastels, beautiful green foliage, and naturally amazing ceramics, furniture and interiors for your home, and feel free to dream away.

images via Broste Copenhagen


  1. I am also longing for spring by now. Unfortunately it seems that winter has just only arrived as it was too mild until now! It's freezing cold here too, but at least the sun is out today and still no snow here (even though I would like some, just for a change). Have a great Tuesday!

  2. These are beautiful! I'm longing for spring too, the whole day here is just grey and dreary really. Morning looks like evening and so does the afternoon, just darker at night, so boring. We'll get there...Spring will come :) x

  3. Not yet. So really not yet. I like the Winter mayhem ;)
    I would like to have snow but nope. Dear Son went to the Highlands a few weeks ago and there wasn't a single flock. This week snow fell but it's far from where I live.
    So just rain, winds ans storms. Which I love like you know.
    Spring is not that far off you know. My apple tree is already sprouting some green leaves. It will be here before we know. Until there I'm enjoying everyone craving Spring and sharing inspiration for things I want to do and places I want to go.
    I "just" stopped to wish you a Happy New Year, full of Joy and lots of Success in your personal and professional projects.
    All my love,


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