Ikea - new collection Spring 2016


Ikea has done it again. By trusting in good design, current trends, and Scandinavian minimalism, their new Spring collection has my name all over it.

Ikea has embraced the urban jungle bug (haven't we all) and has designed cool way of displaying your indoor plants.

Their new bedroom collection is also absolutely fab, have a look and see for yourself. All these beauties should hit the Ikea stores in February - not long now then. Best thing about it - cool, current and cheap. Love it!!


  1. wow! i love everything and i'm extra excited since i'll be moving soon, which means i'll be ikea shopping in the new future. i'll be in the market for that clothes rack and bed, and i love all the plant holders...

  2. Looks great, love the stands!! Happy new Month doll xx

  3. I'm on the hunt for the Satsumas plant stand but it hasn't arrived at our local Ikea yet. Patience being the catchword here! LOL


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