Pink hues


Oh, I have always loved a bit of pink. Not the crass bright pink, but the gorgeous pastel hues. This year Pantone has chosen the colour ROSE QUARTS as one of their trendy colours, and I must admit I concur. The colour is beautiful, soft, soothing and the perfect Spring colour for me amongst all the white and grey here in Denmark. 

Images Anya Jensen Photography ©


  1. I love these photos and I completely agree, this hue of pink is one of the most beautiful colors, to wear to decorate with and to muse. I love it. My favorite images are the cookies and the ballet dresses/shoes. Love,

    Shauna ox

  2. All so beautiful!! I love the first picture, I would love that all over a wall in my home, it's so dreamy and relaxing!! Florals are always welcome :)) I hope you're having a great week so far my dear xx


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