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We have chosen to live in close vicinity to the centre of Copenhagen, and we have a smaller apartment so the girls have to share a bedroom. It has been fine (and it is still fine) but I can feel that they are beginning to crave more of a personal space. So until we move somewhere bigger, I am looking for smart ways of updating their space, to be more suited for tweens, rather than small kids.
I have been scouring the internet and have found these great solutions,  hopefully, one of these can be done in their room.

Here, I love the idea of floating beds hanging from the ceiling. With bunk beds, the kids are upstairs and downstairs, and trust me, some teasing and annoying one another is bound to happen. Here the beds are further apart, so that would work. I imagine this takes a bit of skill to do, but I am lucky as I have the Mr. and my Dad; - they can fix anything. Me - I'll naturally supervise:)
This space looks great, grown up and cozy. Pallet beds are quite easy to make I imagine, and the girls can then have a corner of the room each. I would probably put a few shelves on the wall for their personal stuff. Could also be persuaded to assemble the bed on top of storage units, to get them off the floor, and also for easy storage.
I also like the idea of a long bed so they can sleep top and tails. I love this setup, as this would work for both sexes. All you need to do is accessorize, and then the room looks great. Only concern here could be that they may feel the urge to kick one another from time to time, and also - how long does the bed have to be! These girls are growing fast.
Audrey saw this set-up and almost fainted. She told me she wish we lived in the US as they seem to have so many cool things we can't purchase here. Perhaps a small business idea :) - or a pending trip stateside. They could share a double bed, that would probably be the best solution, so I need to get my thinking cap on and figure out which solution would fit our lifestyle (and our girls) best.
Do you have any experience with shared rooms? Perhaps you have shared a bedroom with a sibling, or maybe your children share. Any tips? I hope that we will come up with a great solution for them, and I promise I will share with you when we do. Happy Monday!!


  1. Love that last one :))) My girls share a room as well until we move. Going good so far, thankfully, haha. But, they do need their own space. These are great ideas :)) Happy Monday doll xx

  2. First one is my favorite... great solution and very nice colours palette.


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  4. I shared the biggest part of my upbringing.
    I used to sleep with my Aunt (whom wasn't married) and my brother in a huge room in the Country Home I was raised in). Huge beds, High ceilings that when revisited as an adult weren't that big and high ahahahah
    I loved the feeling. The security you feel knowing you're not alone, the giggles so you don't fall asleep, the shares etc. Very House in the Prairie if you ask me.
    When I had children and my own home I had no need but I'd incentive kids to have sleepovers in each other's rooms. They still do. when they have to wake up at for example 2 a.m. to watch a show on tv that's broadcasted from USA (for example) and I think enriches their relation. All the suggestions you made are priceless and I think the second one would meet the fairy atmosphere they like to be surrounded in. It's simple and natural and allows them to create their own room with their likes - one goes and have a unicorn poster. The other fairy lights and a canopy. Overly decorated rooms take that chance away from them, in my opinion... You'll do your best. You're the Best Mom :)

  5. Happy new Year lovely. I can imagine that as tehy grow they want to have a bigger space but living quite centrally is great too.

    Some nice choices here. xx


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