Changing direction


Today I decided to stop posting on my other blog "The hygge journal". I have chosen to close the blog down, as I felt that maintaining 2 blogs was a task that was harder than anticipated. I want to come up with original content every day, as I owe it to my readers, to get something from me that they don't see everywhere else. 

There is a change on the way. I am not sure what exactly yet, but it's coming and I am excited about it. The reason I kept Anya adores is because this is where it all started, and this is where my heart is.

But do not fret, there is nothing bad about putting my force into one place rather that 2. It just means that the content here will be twice as good right :-)

Thanks for your continued support of my ideas, and my venture. I have grown as a blogger, photographer and person since opening this blog in 2011. It has been exciting, hard sometimes, but I truly believe that there is opportunity out there for all of us.

So please watch this space for more exciting stuff - food, hygge, interiors and of course, exploring.


  1. Hey there - so I followed you here - looks good and very pretty :)

    1. Thanks very much Nina, it means a lot to me :)

  2. Brave of you to start again here on the blog. Love what you do spit doesn't really matter where it is.

    1. Thanks Sarah, this blog has been around for awhile now, and it felt natural that I kept it up :)
      A xx

  3. I invite you to blog about interior design.

  4. Go go go Anya - fresh new stuff on here - can't wait.
    Emma Wellington

  5. Am looking forward to all the new things here doll, juggling two blogs is tough!! I hope you have a great day xx


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