Setting the table for Easter


On Easter Sunday, many families get together for a traditional feast known as Påske Frokost (Easter lunch), where delicious Danish food is served with lots of beer and maybe even Akvavit (schnapps). I will share our traditions for Easter with you this weekend. Today I am sharing my tips for setting the table:
HYGGE - setting the table for Easter by Anya Jensen Photography #abouthygge #chasinghygge
I always loved watching my mother set the table. I remember her doing this when I was a child. We had special crockery, crystal glasses and even silver cutlery that were used for special occasions like this. You would also fold the serviettes specifically, and match them to the tablecloth. I am not that advanced myself, I do have tablecloths (many inherited from relatives) but special crockery and cutlery not really! Saying that, my Grandmother gave me some stunning antique wine glasses for Christmas, and I adore them.

Back to setting the table: We are hosting the Easter luncheon this year for the first time, and I wanted the table to be special. I once found a stunning piece of fabric from Marimekko - in yellow and white - this seemed to fit the bill.

I used the glasses from my Grandmother, my ceramic plates, vintage silver cutlery and bits and bobs I have found on the flea markets. I love the results !! Let me know what you think:
HYGGE - setting the table for Easter by Anya Jensen Photography #abouthygge #chasinghygge

HYGGE - setting the table for Easter by Anya Jensen Photography #abouthygge #chasinghygge

MY tips for setting the table:
  • Find the main colour in your tablescape and accessorise from that:  napkins, flowers, plates, etc.
  • Get yourself a centrepiece. If it is flowers, make sure they fit your colour scheme.
  • Do you fancy anything one the table for decoration? Candles, flowers, seashells, flea market finds - whatever fits.
  • Remember the sequence of the cutlery. Are you serving a starter? or dessert? 
  • Have fun with it. If you think about it too much, it may ruin the spontaneity.
HYGGE - setting the table for Easter by Anya Jensen Photography #abouthygge #chasinghygge

Tablecloth : Marimekko
Plates, Ceramic vase & hourglass: Søstrene Grene
Cutlery, compass, small bottles, candlesticks, - thrifted


  1. Alexandre Serinnex24 March 2016 at 16:11

    Your Easter table is stunning :) Happy Easter. Alexandre S

    1. Thanks very much Alexandre - I do think it turned out rather well :-)

  2. Effortless, delightful and lovely tablescape. Well done Anya! Wishing you and your family a happy Easter!



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