Ikea does it again


Here I go again admiring yet another Ikea collection. This time, it is for kids. And this time, I think you might be a bit envious. You see, they have managed to bring their Scandinavian cool vibe right into the kids room. The new FLISAT series, was specifically designed with 3- to 12-year-olds in mind. The whole collection is made of simple pine- wood but also includes colour here and there to make the kids happy.

Ikea flisat on Anya in Copenhagen

Ikea flisat on Anya in Copenhagen
And as you'd expect from Ikea, the price is right and affordable for everyone. I mean who wouldn't be happy to have the amazing Dollhouse shelf on the wall, the stylish desk, or the cute rack for coats.  So I think I am going to Ikea today... What about you? Do you like pinewood for decoration in your home, or do you find it too simplistic and minimal? I think it is the perfect 'blank slate' and with minimal colour on the furniture, you can go mad elsewhere, if that tickles your fancy.
Ikea flisat on Anya in Copenhagen

Images via IKEA


  1. It looks great, clean and simple :)

  2. Ikea er det fedeste - jeg elsker det, manden ikke så meget ha ha - surt ;-)

    1. Ha ha - sådan er det også her, The Mr ser helt død ud i ansigtet når jeg foreslår det ;-))

  3. So sweet these :) I hope you are well lovely & have a great weekend xx


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