Indoor Greenhouse


It appears that Winter has returned with a vengeance here in Denmark;  sleet, hailstones and a lot of wind, has forced me to turn the heating back on, and dress the children in their winter woollies again. It is hyggeligt though, which is nice, but I must admit I long for spring, sunny skies, and that warmth in the air.

Today I fell head over heels in love with this little indoor greenhouse from Design House Stockholm. Designed by Atelier 2+. The greenhouse is small enough for indoor use, but big enough to house a miniature garden. I adore this, and this could be the perfect solution for these cold spring days. because if you put your plants outside too early, the frost might kill them. So I have my eyes on this beauty.
Worapong Manupipatpong and Ada Chirakranont originally created the greenhouse for the magazine Wallpaper's annual Handmade exhibition. The Atelier 2+ Greenhouse is made from lacquered solid ash timber with panes of toughened glass and a planting tray made of galvanized metal. Visit their website here - Atelier 2 +


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