Photography tips and ideas for beginners 1 - Interior


Ever since my parents bought me one of the old flat Kodak cameras from the late 80's, I have been a huge fan of photography and visual art. I photographed everything, and I still remember the anticipation of having to wait for the pictures to be sent away and developed. It was soo exciting picking up the photographs and quickly sifting through to see if there were any good (or perhaps more importantly) bad ones!

My first digital camera was bought when I lived in London, and from that moment onwards I was hooked. I loved the idea of the instant knowledge of having taken a GOD or BAD picture, and the fact that you could almost see what you did wrong.

All of my learning has been trial and error based, and I have made many rookie mistakes (still do) so today I have collected a few tips I wish I had when I started out. As far as I am concerned - it hasn't got much to do with equipment, but it is all about trying until you get it right! I am still not a very technical person, but I always have the whole idea visualized in my head, and then work my way to get there.

Photography tips and ideas for beginners 1 - Interior, anya jensen photography

TIPS I wish I knew when I started out - Interior photography & styling:

If you can, always shoot your images in RAW not JPG. The picture is 'not developed (like the old days where you had to have them developed at the shop) so you can change many errors in a raw image file. I always work on my photos in Lightroom or Photoshop afterwards, but  you can use some of the many free programmes out there.  Just remember RAW files will take up a lot of disc space on your computer, so make sure you discard the ones you do not need, and save the good ones to a portable hard-drive, or even iCloud or Dropbox and delete them from your computer.

Always use natural light (the trick is to avoid harsh sunlight, shade is best as it diffuses the light and makes the shadows subdued). So make sure to turn off all the lights, as they may cause a yellowish ghastly tinge. Built in camera flash is also no no - it takes the soul out of the picture I think. Be sure to photograph when there is enough light, otherwise, the image will quickly become grainy. You can always play with the ISO (low in sunshine - higher in shade). If it is  very dark - use a tripod.

Move around the room, and have a look at which angle works best. Usually shooting the room/product 'straight on' (you can use the built-in grids in the camera) works best. Sometimes it is advisable to walk out of the door and stand in the hallway so you can get more in the picture. Other times you could stand on a chair, as long as it looks natural and not "birds eye view"!

If you shoot small 'vignettes' then you could take the picture from the top down, it's also good for Instagram. These images are called flatlays, and I will do a post on these soon too.

Clean up, dust, get rid of the remote, give the pillows a little shake, move the unsightly children's toys, put a few flowers in a vase. Think about what you think is beautiful to look at in interior magazines, and do the same at home. The key is to make the room look beautiful but lived-in, so leave some personal items out, to make the place look warm and inviting.

Aperture is important. You see that is the thing that controls what is in focus and what not. If you like a lovely blurry background you need to have the smallest F-stop available. If you want things to be sharp and in Focus - and larger F-stop is required. I have linked to one of my Pinterest boards here that will tell you more about Aperture.

Have fun with it and keep on practicing. Especially if you are styling. Find some inspirational pictures on Pinterest and work towards that, adding your own style as you go along. Practice makes perfect.
Photography tips and ideas for beginners 1 - Interior, anya jensen photography
I hope this have given you a bit more insight into what to do, and how to work it out. I know what you'll be doing during the weekend. If you have questions, or would like to add something please let me know.

Happy weekend folks!!

All of these prints are my work, and they have been printed by the clever people at Artifact Uprising


  1. Handy tips and I can confirm all of them!!! I try to think of each and every one whenever I take pics myself! Have a great weekend Anya!!

  2. Thank you for those great tips! I am waiting for 'flatlays' lessons.

  3. These tips are great �� Have a good weekend.


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