Springtime in the woods


After a slow start to Spring here in Denmark; the sunshine returned with a vengeance and we have been basking in it for the long weekend. This Thursday, we went on a picnic with our fab friends and their daughters, and we walked through a pale green haven of baby leaves and found a secluded spot for a picnic. It reminded me of my childhood, where we were roaming the fields around our home, until the late evenings, heads tender from the basking sunshine, but happy. 

We were out for hours, and walked for more than 15 km, even though it felt like a lot less. The children were tired but content, and we ended the day with ice-cream by the lakeside.

People always wonder what this Hygge thing is, and what the concept entails. That day was the epitome of hygge, because it was all about being togther, being in nature, and enjoying the simplest of things. 

The cost was minimal, and we all shared our packed lunches. We all walked away with a sense of freedom, and a feeling of having been away for the day. I think that is what life is all about. Have a wonderful weekend everybody.
HYGGE - a walk in the forest in spring - Anya Jensen photography
HYGGE - a walk in the forest in spring - Anya Jensen photography
HYGGE - a walk in the forest in spring - Anya Jensen photography
We went to Frederiksdal forest, just outside Copenhagen. The area is absolutely stunning, and perfect for a long walk. Do be aware, however, that the terrain is very steep, so you have to hold on to the kids.  In Frederiksdal & Nybro you can also rent canoes for the day and sail on Furesøen or Bagsværd sø, something I thoroughly enjoyed doing as a child. Copenhagen and the surrounding areas are perfect for nature walks, horse riding, canoeing and being in nature. Many parks have areas where you can bbq. 

Holly wears:
dress - noanoa
shoes - converse
stockings - pomp de lux
hat- h&m
poncho -her grandmother made it


  1. This outfit is so nice! Love the fashion lip it goes so well! xx

  2. Love your photos, lovely day ❤️

  3. Wonderful thoughts and photos.

  4. Such a lovely place I really love it! Great photos!

  5. You photos make my mind sing "Such a Perfect Day..." :)
    So much loveliness and peace. Inspiring!
    I'm dying for a picnic but the weather gods are working with bosses - nice weather during the week, bad weather during weekends ahahahah
    Soon... I want - no I NEED - a slice of HYGE in my life.
    Wishing you a wonderful day with lots of sun and warmth (raining here),


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