Wish-list for a tween girl


May is a month of parties for us. It seems that all of our family birthdays come in clusters and May is one of the busiest months, with more than 5 people celebrating theirs.

My oldest daughter is turning 10 soon, and I cannot stop being a little melancholic about how fast life passes by, blink and you'll miss it, so it's best to hold on and enjoy the ride.

I almost can't fathom she is getting so big now, and clever, and beautiful. She has her own opinions, she knows exactly what she wants to wear, and her wish-list is somewhat grown up. I guess children grow up faster today, with all of the things they see on TV, Youtube, and Instagram, they are bound to be influenced much more than we were. 

I have compiled a small wishlist for a tween girl - but quite frankly I'd gladly have some of these myself ;-) 

wishlist for a tween girl Anya Jensen photography

WISH-LIST for a tweengirl:
(clockwise from top right)


  1. I'd totally wear that Kimono and the camera is cool too :) And the skates, wow ha ha Kirsty M

  2. My daughter - who is no longer a teen - also gave hints for that camera.
    We were the fashionable ones, Dear Anya. And kiddos love to inherit what we invented and created making it a beautiful circle in my opinion. I listen my daughter listening to themes I used to listen and it warms my heart. I go through your your lady wish list and I want it ALL.
    How lucky we are that they are GREAT Taste people uh?
    Happy Birthday to the Princess! And Congratulations to the Handsome and lovely parents who raised such Wonderful and Beautiful Beings.

  3. Hvad betyder Tween egentligt? det har undret mig l├Žnge :)

  4. Happy birthday! That kimono is so sweet.


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