Back to school


The kids are returning to school next week - and even though we have enjoyed a lovely long summer holiday, the kids are ready to go back, get a bit of structure into their lives again, hang out with their friends and get back to learning.
One of the things they always look forward to is getting their school bags and pencil-cases stocked so they are ready for set off. This year we have shopped soo much; and have soo many different options available - that if you need to shop for stationary - you have come to the right place! And quite frankly - you can never have enough pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks, notepads, erasers, clips - you know what I mean right!!
scissors & buffalo clip - hay / feather pen-plint / notebook, pinapple jar, ruler - søstrene grene, sunglasses - moss copenhagen
 pencil, hay / notebook - lagerhaus / folder & ruler, søstrene grene / yoyo & magnifying glass -thrifted
 pencil & scissors & notepad - hay / dice - part of a game / magnifying glass - thrifted
feather pen - plint / notebook & scissors-  hay /hourglass - søstrene grene


  1. I love how you framed those items for taking pictures!

  2. Beautiful collections.


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