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Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm Anya. I work as a photographer, and I am always found with a camera in hand - exploring.  On my blog I love sharing new trends, my tips for visiting Copenhagen, fab interiors, cool design, eye-catching photography, and my own random musings. 
I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Thanks for visiting.

Anya xox


  1. Heya Anya:-) Skøn blog du har her. Og hvor er det sjovt at vi har trådt i hinandensfodspor i London. Kan du ikke skrive til mig med dine kontaktoplysninger? Bedste hilsner Gitte (Ballet)

  2. Hi,
    Your blog is wonderful, so I've nominated you to the Inspiring Blog Award!

    You can read more about it here, where I've also added a link to your blog: http://emdeco.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/inspiring-blog-award/

  3. I've missed the blogging world and you Anya, your blog is getting more and more gorgeous and now life is less hectic I look forward to keeping up with it again. My little piece of relaxation every night, reading Anya Adores after a hectic day at work x

    1. Thanks lovely Tania - look forward to catching up with you xx

  4. Hi Anya! Hope You're doing great! I am a big fan of your blog. Do you have a mail where i can contact you? Thanks

  5. Hey Frandelda - yes I do have an email - anyaadores@gmail.com and thanks for your sweet comment - look forward to hearing from you. Ax


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